The Future of the Movies

Nothing is better than a trip to the movies. The dark room, the smell of popcorn, and the giant screen is all I need to make me happy. However, there are some theatres that are nicer than others. The ones by me are pretty old, sticky floors, not the most comfortable seats. Some don’t even have cup holders! But still. I go to the movies because I love it.

Recently, the Fresh Meadows movie theatre in Queens was closed for “renovations.” Normally when a business closes for renovations it means they are closed. Just when I thought it would never re-open, I was wrong and the movies were back and they were better than ever.

If this is the future of movies, I couldn’t be happier. The Fresh Meadows AMC looks completely different. The concessions stands are organized and lit up. The soda machines are free refills and they have over 100 different kinds of sodas that you choose from a computer screen. And then there are the seats… Every theatre fits half the number of people because the seats are so big. Each seat is a huge cushy baracalounger that reclines. While you watch the movie, everyone around you is essentially lying down and zoned out as if they are in their own living room.

Some changes: You have to buy tickets in advance. Now that there are less seats, movies sell out quick. You also want to buy early because the seats are assigned. When you buy your tickets you have to pick your seats so make sure buy early and don’t get stuck in the front. Finally, you may not want to go in big groups. Unless you buy tickets a week in advance it is almost impossible that you will be sitting with all your friends.

Overall, this movie theatre is amazing. I don’t think I can ever see a movie anywhere else. Originally I only went to AMC theatres because I have a Stubs card and love the rewards. Now, I’m not going to ask “what movies are out?” but instead “what movies are playing at Fresh Meadows?”


Fancy computerized soda machines

Actual AMC seats

Locals! Have you been the new theatre? Non-locals! What do you care about at the movies?


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