The 8 Miracles of Social Media That Didn’t Happen

For my Likeable Media blog this month, I wrote about the 8 Social Media Miracles of 2012. While drafting, my next stroke of genius hit! Below you will find the 8 Miracles of Social Media that DIDN’T happen this year.

Miracle#1 – You didn’t instagram your feet in the sand this summer, the fall foliage, or your huge Friday happy hour drink.
Miracle #2 – You didn’t live tweet your day.
Miracle #3 – You picked up the phone to call your best friend instead of sending them a Facebook message.
Miracle #4 – You found out your high school classmates got engaged/married via Facebook’s new love notifications and didn’t question your entire life & cry yourself to sleep.
Miracle #5 – You didn’t mention who your political preference during the presidential campaign.
Miracle #6 – You made only one pinterest board.
Miracle #7 – Your twitter, pinterest, instagram, spotify, reader, goodreads, purchase history were NOT hooked up to your Facebook feed.
Miracle #8 – You went an entire hour without checking an application on your iPhone.

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