#TBT: Orangina

Remember when you were a kid and you would consume any food or beverage item if it came in the right packaging? My personal favorites were Dunkaroo’s and this strange multi-colored bread they sold at the local supermarket. Yes, you heard me, my mom actually used to send us to school with sandwiches made from bread sporting the colors green, blue, pink, and yellow. I was the envy of everyone at school. (Okay, envy is a bit of a stretch, but my sandwiches were always a conversation starter!)


I’m happy to say my tastes have become a bit more sophisticated and I no longer require my daily dose of sugar and dye with my meals and snacks. However, there is one throwback beverage I still enjoy, and that is Orangina! Remember that fun-shaped bottle with that delicious orange soda inside? Well it’s back and just like all of us, it’s matured. Roll over to fb.com/OranginaInternationaland meet Bulby the Orangina Bottle! He’s just as delicious as ever, but now he’s more cultured and sophisticated. He’s also on an adventure, loving life, and making his “hipster-ish” mark all over the place.

Go ahead, check out the new attitude of our old friend Orangina.

Guest post by our good friend Kristi. Tweet her your comments @Kristb85!


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