TV Review: Season Finale of Dexter

Sunday night was the season finale of Dexter and now we have to wait a whole 9 months to see how this epic story is going to end. Tonight had a LOT of story lines to address and gave us a lot of surprises. The last couple of years the show has been widely criticized for jumping the shark ::cough cough:: by me ::cough cough:: but this season, and this episode especially, has been pretty awesome. Spoilers below! Seriously, stop reading if you haven’t watched it yet.

I have been wanting LaGuerta dead the whole season. Now she’s dead and I’m genuinely shocked. I thought Dexter would just do the deed but to have Deb pull the trigger… that kind of changes everything. What happens now?! Are they a team? Does she like it? Are they going to be a serial killing brother sister incestuous couple? (Geez I hope not the last one.) Regardless, SOMEONE is going to notice that the Captain of homicide went missing. This is pretty suspicious.
Silver lining: Maybe now that we need a Captain, Angel will come out of his short-lived retirement and he will be a large part of the show again! Fingers crossed.
Then there’s the Hannah situation. She’s on the loose. In the wild. What now? Something tells me that she isn’t moving to Mexico and leaving the Morgans alone. She hates Deb and loves Dexter. Plus she’s a crazy killer. This should be good.
We have one more season of this madness and hopefully they will continue to shock us.
What did you think of Dexter? Let me know below!


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