3 Reasons Why I Hate My Long Distance Relationship

Last week I wrote the post 3 Reasons Why I Love My Long Distance Relationship. Today, we get the flipside. Long distance is not the best situation in the world. Every day I wish he could be here with me. Here are the 3 reasons why I effing hate long distance.

I miss him too much
There are days I seriously miss him so much I want to cry. The days I have a hard time at work and all I need is one of his hugs and a kiss on my forehead to make it all better and he’s not here. Those days make me miserably sad that he’s far away.

I never have a plus one
Birthday parties, work functions, family gatherings… my plus one is too far to come to all of them. I have to pick and choose the most important for him to attend and fly solo at the rest (with prayers there’s an open bar to get me through). 

I have no one to be intimate with
Not just sex here (although not being able to do that whenever I want is pretty crappy too). He’s not here to cuddle before I fall asleep, he’s not here to be playful with or hold hands with, or even to do nice things for like cook dinner or bring home cupcakes. Having these moments come once a month or so is not ideal.

Have you ever been in a long distance relationship? What was your least favorite part? Comment below.


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