When You Are Overreacting (And When You’re Not)

Since entering the dating world, I have learned a lot about myself. One of those things being that I am a bit crazy and tend to… overreact at times. The reason I have no problem admitting this is partially because I am surrounded by crazypants people who overreact to everything. When you overreact, you almost know it is happening but you still can’t help it. To keep things in perspective, here’s a way to see whether you are overreacting or not:

I texted him 3 hours ago. Still no response.
This is a classic overreaction. No, he is not ignoring you. He is probably just not holding his phone staring at it and waiting for your text.

I texted him a week ago. Still no response.
You can freak out here. Chances are he has looked at his phone ONCE in the past week. Unless he was eaten by a pack a wolves or got robbed and had no other way of contacting you, this is probably over.

He told you “let’s hangout this weekend” but it’s Wednesday and there is no time and date.
Relax bro. It’s only Wednesday. Sure, you are a Type A freak who needs to get your calendar in order but he’s a boy and they aren’t as quick on the uptake.

He told you “let’s hangout this weekend” but it’s Saturday and there is no time and date.
I don’t think this date is happening. Consider this equivalent to “I’ll call you sometime.” That clearly means he is not going to call you.

He didn’t kiss me on the first date. What is going on?!
Nothing is going on you overreacting freak! Maybe he’s a gentleman. Maybe he ate too many pieces of garlic bread. Maybe you didn’t position your head so he could go in for the kill. This does not mean he hates you.

He didn’t kiss me on the fifth date. What is going on?!
What IS going on here?! What kind of dates are these? Are you slowly becoming best friends? I don’t think this is normal. Maybe you are delusional and these aren’t even dates at all. It’s time to re-evaluate what the hell is happening here.

I told him I liked him and he said thanks.
What is he supposed to say?! Are you in middle school? Should he ask you to go steady? Just because he doesn’t come right out and say it, doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you.

I told him I loved him and he said thanks.
Run. He doesn’t love you.

You must be thinking – Wow! You are so rational and have such a handle on your life that you are able to identify the crazy from the normal! Wrong. I overreact in ALL of these situations but I am aware that I’m doing it so that makes it better(?).

When have you overreacted in the dating world? Let me know!


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