3 Reasons Why I Love My Long Distance Relationship

Me and my man are in a long distance relationship. Granted right now he’s only 3 hours away and at most when he’s at his hometown he’s 6 hours away (not like across the country either)….but he’s not here in the city with me. Some days I really hate the distance between us (that blog to come soon), but most days I can appreciate what we have and here are the 3 reasons why:

I get a chance to miss him
Couples who spend every day together don’t know what it’s like to miss their other half because they never get the chance. Sure they get the few hours away for work or school or a night out .. but go 8 weeks without seeing your boyfriend and then talk to me about missing him. When you miss someone that much, you take advantage of the time you do get together. You don’t fight as often and you don’t feel guilty about spending a Friday night in bed together just enjoying the other’s company.

He always does sweet things for me when we’re together
There hasn’t been a weekend we’ve spent together where he doesn’t done something that makes me blissfully happy. Whether its taking the initiative to plan a date night or taking a half hour to rub my back for me without asking for one in return, he makes sure I’m happy. I’m not saying this wouldn’t happen if we lived in the same city because in the beginning all relationships are like this. But I think the distance allows our “honey moon phase” to last way past the 3 months (it’s been about 7).

I never feel smothered
We never spend TOO much time together. We never spent TOO much time on a phone call and we never text when we know the other is busy. We respect eachother’s lives and lets the other go out, get drunk, read, work, watch TV and just LIVE without feeling resentful. This is the one relationship I’ve had that I’ve truly felt like my personal and social life with my friends and family hasn’t taken a serious blow.

Am I crazy for enjoying my long distance relationship? Comment below!


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