#TBT: Baby Donk’s Birthday

Tomorrow is my 23rd birthday! I’ve been feeling nostalgic about this year since it was exactly a decade ago that I was Bat-Mitzvahed (#jewstatus). To commemorate this special day I’d like to share a diary entry from my birthday 10 years ago. It’s a doozy!


Dear Diary,

Last nite I had ppl ova (including Ricky). It was SOO much fun! For once we didn’t just sit and watch a movie, we relee hung out. Me and Ricky started making out and we stopped and all da guyz were staring @ us! They all stood in line looking lolz. Christina bought me a thong for my b-day! It’s soo cute. It’s blue and it sayz HOT. 1st thong yay! lolz. Todayz my bday. Ricky bout me earringz. He left the price tag on and it sed they were $100 and WERE 1/5 DIAMONDS! I wuz lyk o shyt! lolz. Me and Ricky have bein goin out 1 month and 2 dayz. I’m falling in love with him 🙂 Gotta go

*Shari n Ricky* 


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