Will You Be My Girlfriend?

Let’s be real. Nobody says this anymore. If your relationship began because a guy said to you “will you be my girlfriend” then you either have the most awkward relationship ever or you are in middle school. Nowadays you somehow just end up in a relationship and sometimes you’re not quite sure how you got there. Or maybe you’re trying to be in a relationship but you have no idea how to go about it without sounding ridiculously cheesy. Here’s how I’ve seen relationships just pop out of thin air:

Unspoken Understanding
If you’re lucky, you and your future significant other don’t even need to talk about it. There’s been a shift in your relationship and you just know. This will likely occur when people are friends first and have gone to the next level but sometimes you can just vibe with something and avoid the world’s most awkward conversation. This person is a keeper.

The “What are we?” Convo
Men dread this. It is almost always started by a needy girl who has just been coerced by her friends to put a label on it. Girls are crazy (yes I include myself in that statement). We constantly over-think everything, second guess everything, and need some reassurance that you’re not screwing other people. This is our “coy” way of forcing you to be our boyfriend. You will either succumb or run. Either way there will be a definite label!

You’re my girlfriend right?
Similar to the unspoken understanding, this is brought up in passing just to double check. You’re both pretty sure you’re in a relationship HOWEVER it makes you both more comfortable just to say it out loud real quick. After you confirm you can go about living your life.

Facebook Official
In order to be “Facebook Official” both people have to confirm the relationship. If you both accept, then there’s no problem. If you get declined… I think it’s safe to say you know whether you are in a relationship or not.

Dropping Hints
You’re not in the place to have an unspoken understanding and you don’t want to be “that guy” to bring up the “What are we?” convo. Instead you decide to drop hints in casual conversations. Describing what you consider a relationship to the person you’re dating but somehow make it sound very similar to your situation. This will bring up some red flags for the other party and will likely spark a conversation. If it doesn’t spark a conversation it is likely because they are avoiding the topic, not because they don’t catch your hints.

Getting Called “My Girlfriend”
When a guy refers to you as his girlfriend, IN PUBLIC, you can safely assume you are in a relationship. It only counts when there are other people around.

In every situation (with the exception of the first) you’re about to have an uncomfortable conversation. Hopefully by the end of it you feel less stressed and happy. If not…. well at least you’re not in limbo anymore!

*S Donk Bonus: Ultimatum 
When neither of you are hooking up with anyone else and you clearly love each other but he refuses to call you the “g word” – the best thing to do is get wasted and text him saying you can’t keep doing this without being official. If he loves you, he will comply. My boyfriend is a lucky guy.

How did you find yourself in a relationship?


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