4 Things I Don’t Miss About Summer

I think it is safe to say summer is officially over. Sorry for all of you still in denial but it’s October people. It’s fall. Although I love a good summer as much as the next guy, there are just some things about summer I can live without.

I don’t enjoy feeling gross all the time. The only time I want to be sweating is during hot yoga, not sitting on the subway or walking to work or sitting in my apartment.

Fighting with the padding in my bathing suit top.
I feel like every time I put on a bathing suit, the padding in the top is always messed up. It is bent, in the wrong direction, or something else completely inconvenient. It is always a project to wear a bathing suit.

How black my feet get in flip flops.
Gotta love that flip flop weather. However, I don’t love the nasty dirtyness that comes with it. No matter what you do, your feet are going to turn black by the end of the day and you’re going to spend 5 minutes scrubbing.

Shaving my legs.
There! I said it! I don’t like shaving my legs! Winter time brings long pants which equals awesomeness.

Air Condition Rain.
There is nothing grosser than walking around NYC and think that it’s raining but then realizing that the AC from the building next to you is dripping. Ew.

What do you NOT miss about summer?


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