TV Review: Arrow

I loved Smallville on the CW and was sad that it came to end. When I heard that the CW was tackling another DC Comic book hero, I was skeptical. After much consideration I decided to give Arrow a chance and I was not disappointed.

The first thing I noticed is that this show is much darker than Smallville. Smallville was very campy in the beginning and got darker towards the end but was still in general a dramedy. Arrow started right off the bat with a darker tone making it clearly a drama.

We learned a little bit about the Green Arrow in Smallville but not too much. Also Green Arrow was played by a different actor making it so there is no relation between the two shows. What I really liked about the first couple episodes in the new show is the backstory. I absolutely need to brush up on my Green Arrow knowledge to check for accuracy, but I love the way we are slowly learning why Oliver Queen the way he is and how he ended up on this path. It is a really awesome backstory!

One thing that drives me crazy is the constant killing. I love the action and everything but a real hero doesn’t kill people. Oliver Queen is killing people left and right without even feeling guilty about it. The thing that really confuses me is the fact that he never kills the target. He has a book of really bad guys and he goes after them. He murders tons of henchman but when he actually gets to the major villian he just puts them in jail or injures them. It doesn’t make sense. If you’re gunna kill anyone, kill that guy!

Overall the show has had a good start. The season has 9 episodes so let’s see if it sticks!

Did you watch Arrow on the CW? What did you think?


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