The Day I Learned To Ride A Bike

Picture it. You eye that fresh new bike. There’s no training wheels on it so it makes you nervous… but you’re also pretty excited. Today is the day you enter society and get to participate in the saying “It’s just like riding a bike.” You look to your supporters. They smile at you from the sidelines giving you that “you can do it!” glare. And then you get on the bike…

At first it’s a little wobbly. You’re thinking, “why do people make this look so easy?!” You’re being told to stay on the line and try to stay straight but that is clearly not going to happen. But you are up. You haven’t fallen. And a couple minutes later… you are riding a bike!!! CONGRATS!

When you picture this scenario, how old are you? Seven? Ten? Well, I was 23. Yes folks. A few weeks ago, I learned how to ride a bike! In fact, I decided that biking across the Golden Gate Bridge would be a good idea for a person who has never been on a bike before. Some learnings for others who decide that your mid-twenties is the time to get in on this “bike riding” thing… (I’m looking at you Donk.)

1. Pretend You’re A Pro. People who ride bikes don’t mess around. They roll their right pant leg up, they yell at you if you’re on their side of the path, and they don’t follow traffic rules. Just join in. Act like you’ve been riding this thing for years.

2. Watch Out For Saddle Sores. I’m not going to get too much into this… Google it. It hurts.

3. Gears Are Not For Show. Anyone who has ever heard of San Francisco probably knows that it’s a hilly city. Which means as much fun as it is to ride downhill, it is equally as miserable riding uphill. Apparently, this is made easier if you shift your gears. I did not know that.

4. This Is Hard To Document. Do you know how hard it is to take a picture while riding a bike?! Near impossible. But of course you want to get pictures of this momentous day. Make do and get the shot.

 DSCN0119 DSCN0120
5. Don’t Make Big Plans The Next Day. Although I was SO excited that I finally learned to ride a bike and I have now become a normal person, the next day was rough. I woke up exhausted with bruises all over my legs. You have to actually be athletic for this so be prepared and plan to sleep in the next day.
When did you learn how to ride a bike? Did you have saddle sores?! Is that too personal? Share below!

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