10 Songs You Love To Hate To Dance To

Every few years or so a new catchy song comes out accompanied with a choreographed dance that everyone learns. It’s cool for 3 minutes or so and yet we still manage to hear them played at proms, weddings, bat-mitzvah, and retirement party. Here are 10 of those songs that we all love to hate to dance to.

1. Macarena nananan bla bla bal blal HAYYYY MACARENA

The bain of my existence  I don’t think there is enough alcohol in the world that would make me dance to this song again.

2. Mambo #5jump up and down and move it all around
I was always upset “Shari” wasn’t one of his fine ass ladies mentioned in the song.
3. The Electric Slide it’s electric. boogey oogey.
And oldy but a goody – this song will never ever die..as much as we want it to.
4. Cha-Cha Slide how low can you go?
The electric slide’s 1st  upgrade. They say the dance instructions in this song and yet no one ever jumps the inappropriate amount of times or slides the correct direction. Why is that?
5. Cupid Shuffle – down down do your dance do you dance
The electric slide’s 2nd upgrade and the most recent of these phenomena (before Gangman Style just came out which is too recent to be on this list). It’s as if the Electric Slide went to hip-hop camp.
6. The Time Warp and it’s a pelvic thrust that really drives you insaneeeee
This song doesn’t get enough credit for being AWESOME.
7. Hands Up – gimme your heart gimme all your love
There’s this amazing video of me and my brother as children singing and dancing to this song. I also danced to it at a birthday party of mine wearing glow in the dark white gloves. This song will make an appearance at my wedding.
8. Cotton Eye-d Joe –where did you come from? where did you go?
My personal favorite because I tap danced to it when I was 10 years old and grew emotionally attached to this song. Also because no one ever seems bouncing on the same foot and people have a tendency to crash into each other. Classic.
9. YMCA – you can hang out with all the boys
I always wanted to hang out at the YMCA and meet my future boyfriend. Little did I know those boys liked other boys. #storyofmylife
10. The Hand Jive/Grease Lightening – born to hand jive baby
It’s really really hard not to semi fist pump when Grease Lightning comes on.. and the hand jive is just SO easy that you can’t help but join the hand jive party. It’s a trap. And it always wins.
* #11 BONUS: Las Ketchup – I said a hey ha a hey… (does anyone else remember this dance?)
What dances do you love to hate? Which of these are your favorite? Comment below!

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