You Are My Best Friend

You are my best friend.

“OMG she’s, like, my best friend” is what I say about the girls I stay friends with for a month, three months, a year… but you? No. You? You ARE my best friend. You are the person I text at random hours of the night to ask you the name of the guy I drunkenly hooked up with 4 summers ago. You are the person I go to for clarity for anything and everything. Because you listen. You don’t just hear me and agree with me. You listen and give the most honest advice of anyone I know. And you’re always right. And it’s always exactly what I need to hear. You are the person who can finish my sentences or speak the words already starting in my head as if you’re in there with me.

You are my best friend.

Our friendship transcends time. Past, present, future all in one. We loved each other when we were children. We were there for each other’s first kiss, first heartbreak, first losses of a loved one. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow we will have each other to laugh with, cry with, and dream with. We will reminisce about our days as kiss-ass elementary school kids chasing boys around the schoolyard, we will chat about work, school, and the cute shoes we bought last week, and we will open up about our future goals and fears.

You are my best friend.

We don’t need to speak everyday. We aren’t co-dependent on each other. We have our very separate, very different lives. But no matter how much time has passed between phone calls or dessert dates or happy hours, it was as if we are still the two 7 year old girls spending hours on the phone at night (even AFTER spending 8 hours together in school). We will always support each other in everything the other does. We don’t judge each other harshly and we don’t have petty fights. We are best friends.

You are my best friend. My BFFAEAE. My sissy.

And I am so thankful for you.


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