The 10 Unsexiest Things I’m Doing While We’re Sexting

I love to sext. It’s fun, it’s sexy, it makes me smile in naughty pleasure. 98% of the time when I sext I am NOT touching myself. Think about it, it’s hard to do when it takes 2 hands to type on an iPhone. Plus, my sext convos can extend for a long period of time and lets face it, I don’t have that kind of attention span. So here is a list of the 10 unsexiest things I’m doing while we sext.

1. Blowdrying my hair: and ironing it, too.
2. Painting my nails: this never turns out the way I want them too
3. Watching re-runs of Friends: could I BE anymore relaxed?
4. Riding the bus home from work: the people next to me are always trying to peer over my shoulder
5. Reading a book: which is not easy to concentrate on
6. Eating dinner with my family: who tells me I’m rude and always on my phone
7. Online shopping: for something cute to wear around you, of course!
8. Catching up on my emails: you have no idea how many work emails I get a day…
9. Stalking you on Facebook: because I can
10. Napping in between sentences: lets face it, I’m exhausted.

What do you do while sexting? Do you only do it when you’re in a sexy mood?


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