5 Things You Can Never Borrow From Me

I think I’m an OK share-er. I mean I passed kindergarten without learning how to color in the lines so I must have won them over with my sharing skills. I let my friends borrow my clothes and shoes and I trust my mom with my beloved Kindle. But there are 5 things I will never let ANYONE borrow from me.

1. My Pillow: I know this is a weird thing but growing up my pillow was kind of like my security blanket. For years, I wouldn’t let anyone even lay a finger on my pillow. It was mine, all mine, and no one elses. In college I loosened up a bit when boys would stay over my dorm. In those tiny beds, their heads were bound to touch it. But now, I don’t want anyone borrowing my pillow. Its where my head lays at night – its my own personal heaven for 6-8 hours a night. Sorry. Get your own.

2. My Deodorant: There was this awkward moment this summer at a water park with my boyfriend and his family. We were changing into our clothes and his mom and I were at the mirror fixing out hair. I pulled out my deodorant and she was all , “OH I forgot mine. Can I borrow some?” and I snapped back “No!” (awkward pause) “I mean, sorry I’m kinda weird about it.” Am I the only one who feels that way? I mean I’m sweating and gross and smelly and I’m sure you are too. Why would I want your stink on MY stick to them put back under my arms? Thanks, but no thanks.

3. My Razor: This is for similar reasons as the deodorant. I keep a bunch of disposable razors in my bathroom – please use one and don’t even think about touching mine. I don’t need or want the stubble of your body hair on me in the shower. Ew.

4. My Underwear: Lets be real. Girls underwear are nasty. Some of them have stains, they are usually up your ass all day long, and your vagina is literally rubbing right on it. There is no way around it. No matter how many times you may swear to wash the underwear when you’re done, I will never let you borrow a pair. If it’s a desperate situation and you need a pair, just keep it. I don’t want it back. Yes, I’m sure.

5. My Lipgloss: I don’t know where your mouth has been. I don’t know if you’re on the verge of getting sick. I don’t know if that’s a mole or a cold sore… Lipgloss can be bought in a Walmart. Stay away from mine.

What are you possessive about? Share in the comments below!


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