Why Everyone You Date Is Weird

I was talking to a friend of mine about dating and going out to meet new people and a common theme that kept coming up was “But… I’m weird.” I listened to the concern and frankly, I agreed. My friend is weird. But so am I and then I realized, so is everyone I ever met. Without getting too philosophical, facts are we all have strange quirks or habits that are fine in the privacy of our own homes but get “WTF faces” when we do them in public. For those of you freaks still in the closet or afraid to date because “you’re weird”, here’s a list of why I am really weird. Also for those men out in the world who were interested in dating me before, beware as I spill my dirty secrets.

1. I am SUCH a sore loser. Yes, many people are but not to this extent. I don’t want to huff and puff and act like a five year old when I lose. My body just heats up and reacts.

2. I am so not used to dating or meeting strangers so when I have a conversation with new people, I tend tell people things as if we have been known each other for years. I missed the memo on holding back until things get serious or until we know each other better. Sorry if I am already making you uncomfortable.

3. Along those lines, I think it, I say it. Not much time in between. I hope you dont scare easy.

4. I’m not really a jealous person (this alone may make me weird) but I really don’t like when the person I’m seeing acts the same way with me as they do other girls. I will become irrational and I will know I am being irrational which makes it even worse. #internalstruggle

5. I am a 40 year old woman trapped in a 23 year old body. 9 times out of 10 I’ll tell you “Lets stay in and watch a movie.” I love staying in. It’s the best. HOWEVER, I really do like going out and doing stuff. You just have to push me to do it sometimes. #completelycontradictorystatement

6. I’m not a light switch. When I’m angry I’m going to still act angry even if I’m not anymore. I want to not be angry but once again my body insists I stay rigid. Even though my brain has forgiven you, the rest of me will ned to catch up.

7. Unlike the saying suggests, I don’t fall asleep. I’m just awake and then I’m asleep. There’s no in between. Hopefully you’re not a “Let’s stay in bed and chat” kind of guy because I’ll be awake for about 2 seconds of that and then you’ll be talking to yourself.

8. Speaking of sleep, if we start a movie after 9PM I wont make it through the end. I will lie and say I was awake the whole time and then watch the parts I missed the next day. #40yearoldwoman

9. My parents are my best friends. Some people think this is weird. Sometimes I will hang out with them instead of my friends because frankly, they are cooler. You HAVE to love them and they have to love you.

10. I refer to people as “real people” and “not real people.” I mostly want to date “real people.”

11. When I’m in the shower I rub my eyes every 3 minutes. Is this relevant to anything? No. But is it weird? Yup.

12. I’m always doing 2 things at once. I’m sorry that I’m looking at my phone/laptop while you’re speaking… I guess this isn’t that weird in today’s day and age but it’s still rude and I can’t help it. Sorry!

13. If you text while we are speaking I get mad. Let’s agree to just not text.

14. I don’t know how to cook and I don’t like it. I also have a diet that consists of chicken fingers, bagels, wings, and sushi. I don’t like to try new foods and if they let me, I would order off the kids menu. Pretty sophisticated huh?

15. I don’t eat blue M&Ms. Don’t dwell on it.

16. I get stressed out. Read this blog for a bit more detail.

17. I talk in my sleep and sometimes I am very funny. This is an open invitation to talk back to me when I’m sleeping. When sleeping Cara is provoked, she says the craziest things! All I ask is that you replay the conversation with me in the morning because I like to laugh at myself as well.

OK so I think I’ve made my point. We are all weird. That’s no reason to not go out into the world and meet people. Don’t be discouraged. Everyone is weird! 

What’s weird about you? Share below!


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