Would You Go To The Movies By Yourself?

What?! Go to the movies by yourself?! Who would do such a thing?!? Me of course! Let me tell you, it was liberating. Let me explain how this came about. A movie came out that I wanted to see. Nobody was available that night to see it. I didn’t want to wait until the next weekend so I asked myself out on a date. (I said yes).

I won’t lie…. I was nervous. Walking into the movies by yourself?! What will people think?! I was sure that I would get stared at or get the “sad eyes.” I thought about pretending I was meeting someone or bringing a buffer like a kindle or something. But no- I decided that me, myself, and I were going to the movies and we didn’t care who was judging.

When I am meeting someone at the movies and I am standing by myself, I get anxious. However, when I walked into the movie theatre knowing that I was on my own, I felt secure. I felt like I owned the place. Me, myself and I had a fabulous time. We had popcorn, got a good seat, enjoyed the movie, and then went home. Best. date. ever.

It was really exciting going to the movies on my own. I feel as though I actually accomplished something. I encourage you to go out on your own and try this out. You won’t regret it.

Have you ever gone to the movies by yourself? How did it feel?


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