#TBT: The Original DonkDiaries

2 weeks into these #throwbackthursday vlogs and Cara and I are already slacking! SORRY to anyone who enjoys seeing our faces every week. This is my official word that we will make an amazing video for you next week. So instead, I decided to type out a snippet from the ORIGINAL donk diaires aka my 7th grade hand written “private notebook” that I found in the depths of my drawers.

There is a lot of hilarity in these old pages, but because the 11th anniversary of 9/11 has passed this week, I found it appropriate to reflect on my written thoughts of the day 9/11/01 vs. 9/11/12.

Dear Diary,
OMG! U wont believe dis. Some terrorist ppl drove plane into the Empire State Building. It collapsed!! There’s no more. They also hit the Pentagon and the White House those fucken morons! I was SO scared when I heard.

And there’s some good news though. I convinced Johnny to ask Chris {referring to my bestie Christina} out tomorrow! I hope he dnt chicken out. Datz all for now. Bye

Shari Marissa

My facebook status update: I will never forget 11 years ago today sitting in Cusamano’s history class and all of us laughing at the boy who ran in telling us what had happened…and sitting with Keith watching the news all afternoon, not really understanding the images on the screen… thinking about all those who were taken from us – feels like yesterday ..

My Reflection Today
I don’t know what disturbed me more: The fact that I didn’t even know the name of the correct buildings, how little I documented of the events at school, or the fact that I found it even slightly important to mention my best friends soon to be beau. (And lets not even touch upon my spelling)..
I can recall almost every detail of that morning…it’s like a vivid dream that will forever be impressed in my memories. At the time, it was clear that the events were monumental because teachers were crying, as were some classmates, everything got serious.. But as an 11 year old girl, how could I possibly even understand the seriousness that occurred?Just goes to show you how different events occur through the lens of a child.


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