Book Review: ROOM

A week after reading this book, I find myself bringing it up in every conversation I have. A huge thank you to Mallorie for letting me steal 20 books off her kindle – this being one of them. This book has opened my eyes to the world, seeing everything that seems so ordinary in a completely new perspective. *spoiler alerts coming so stop now if you don’t want to know what happens *

ROOM is told through the eyes of a 5 year old boy named Jack. At first, it seems like Jack and Ma are perfectly content in their home, but slowly you realize that they never leave – there are no windows, there is barely any food, and the only visitor is a man Jack nicknames Old Nick. The pieces start coming together – the 5 years of Jack’s life was spent in this one, tiny room. He knows nothing of the outside world. Ma tells him that everything on TV is fake and he literally does not comprehend the idea of the other millions of people living outside the walls of his room.

When Jack and Ma escape from the room they were held captive in, Jack has to adjust to this new world – a world full of people, sunlight, wind, rain… He cries when the wind blows too hard and is amazed at the shape of the moon each night. His fascination with every detail of his new world made me both smile and cry. Can you imagine going 5 years of your life without sunlight? Or a shower? Or even with interacting with any person besides your mom? These are the issues Jack deals with as a 5 year old – and it’s both inspiring and heartbreaking.

ROOM was not an easy book to get through, emotionally and also deciphering what Jack means when he says certain things and trying to understand his view as well as his mom’s. If you’re looking for a light beach book, this is not it. If you’re looking for a well-written, eye opening novel – ROOM is the way to go.


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