Book Review: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

I’ll start off by saying that Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn was a great book and I highly recommend it. The book discusses the story of a married couple, Nick and Amy, and Amy’s disappearance. To say that the book was a roller coaster is an understatement. Both #25hour bloggers (Shari and I) have read the book and we end with differing opinions. The real question is, who’s side are you on? I honestly can’t decide but below lays out some reasons that argue both. Spoilers below! Stop reading if you want to read the book and enjoy it! * Shari’s Note: This is probably one of the best books I’ve ever read and if you haven’t gotten your hands on it yet, you are severely missing out.

Amy’s Team by Cara

I’m going to start off by saying that I am well aware that Amy is one crazy bitch. I mean, she fakes her own death and ruins lives like it’s nothing. That’s not okay. HOWEVER (yes there is a however) Nick isn’t a ball of sunshine. First of all, Nick is a dirty cheater. He cheats on his wife and has no excuse for it! Not to mention he really doesn’t love her. He ignores her and treats her poorly and that can drive any women crazy, right? (Yes, it’s a stretch.) Part of why I take Amy’s side is because I get so confused between Real Amy and Diary Amy. You’re supposed to really like Diary Amy and you keep hoping that maybe she is Diary Amy a little. But she’s not. What I’m trying to say is that I sort of see her side… but she is still a crazy bitch and I don’t really like her in the end.

Nick’s Team by Shari

Poor Nick. He was fooled by a crazy BITCH!!! He fell in love with Amy, or who Amy pretended to be. Even though Diary Amy was fake, you had to believe some of those events took place, or else Nick wouldn’t have fallen for her in the first place. But he was deceived. As soon as Amy got bored pretending, Nick realized he made a mistake. Sure, he handled it poorly by finding a new girl to sex up, but I knew all in the first half of the book he couldn’t possibly be capable of murder. I almost wish Nick had the balls to kill her in the end. Amy’s antics literally made his current life a living hell and will make the rest of his life even worse. Her saved sperm, her saved frozen vomit, all her dirty tricks up her leave, left him no choice but to stick it out with her. He had no escape from her crazy (but admittedly brilliant) mind. I pity him.

Who’s side are you on? Neither? Me too… Share your thoughts below!


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