How We Climbed Mount Everest…Sort Of.

At the beginning of the summer, Cara approached me with this crazy idea. “Sign up for this 5K with me!” she said. My initial response was a “hell no”. But she said free teeshirts were involved and that a bunch of us from work would do it together. So I gave in and signed up. Now for some background, I am NOT a runner. I’ve done P90X and I Zumba on a weekly basis, but I get winded when I run for the subway or the bus. I used the $50 fee as motivation to get my ass in running shape. I ran twice a week for about a month or so and was able to run 2 miles before wanting to collapse. Then I got distracted and didn’t run for a month. Suddenly, the run was a week away. I told Cara I was screwed and we’d never finish the 5K.

On August 26th, me, Cara, and the rest of our team stood among 20,000+ runners in a sea of color. I turned to her and said “We WILL run the whole thing.” Side by side, Cara and I ran. I slowed down to keep her pace when she needed support. She yelled at me to “PICK UP YOUR FEET” when my jog was wilting to a walk. It was not easy. But together we sprinted across the finish line with WOOs and smiles. We had run the entire way – being eachother’s support and motivation. We reached our goal and it felt nothing less than amazing.






Our team name was #teameverest – because for Cara this was equivalent to conquering the climb up Mt. Everest. It sure as hell felt like we conquered a huge climb! For all of you athletic readers out there, stop laughing. Yes, a 5K doesn’t sound like a lot to someone who is in shape, but for people like us who don’t run or really work out EVER, this was a huge accomplishment.

We challenge YOU to climb your Mount Everest. We promise it will be an experience you will never forget. What will you accomplish?

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