Book Review: The Age of Miracles

This book was recommended to me by a fellow co-worker and book nerd Nicole. I was hesitant at first, because it is written through the eyes of a 12 year old and I thought the book would be geared towards teens and would not be something I’d enjoy. The Age of Miracles, however, has a way of sucking you in with the scary realism of its plot line.

The book takes the idea of “the end of the world” and puts a really interesting twist. It focuses on what would happen if the world suddenly slows its rotation around the sun. If 24 hours in a day turned in 25, 26..42, 72… It is told from Julia’s point of view, reflecting on the year between her 11th and 12th birthday living in California when the Earth’s rotation ceases to steady.

The teens who read this book would be able to identify with her adolescent issues – her friendships waning, her crush, her parents’ marriage..  As a 22 year old, I was more focused on the core of the plot and I finished the book reflecting on the possibility of this happening. It really is not too farfetched of an idea. I found myself thinking if I would be susceptible to “the syndrome”, if I could live on “clock time” or if I would be shunned for wanting to live by “real time. I reflected back to 9/11 and was able to identify with Julia remembering all the details of the day the slowing was announced on the news. I wonder why it is we can remember such exact details of the most important moments of our life, but choose to forget what we ate for dinner 4 weeks ago. It is quite fascinating to me.

Anyway, this book definitely stood out from those I have read this summer. It is an easy read and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone!

Have you read The Age of Miracles? Did you like it? Comment below.


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