Reasons I Hate New York City

Turns out, I’m not the only one who has been feeling this way lately. #25hours author, Shari, wrote about reasons to hate NYC in the summer earlier this week. While I am in 100% agreement with those complaints, I have a few of my own I need to get off my chest. New York is the greatest city in the world. It is the capital of the universe. I love this city, BUT I also hate it in so many ways.

The mystery. As you walk down the street feeling like Carrie Bradshaw, you come across some puddles. Hmmm I guess it rained last night and I didn’t notice. Oh wait. That’s just urine. And yes. You just stepped in it.

The attitude. Doesn’t everyone love waking up and immediately getting yelled at? Today alone I got lectured by the bus driver and yelled at by a woman for walking up the stairs in her way. As much as you want to yell SHUT THE F&^% UP, you stay calm because you don’t want to sink to their level.

The traffic. Only in NYC does it make sense that a map says you are 5 miles away from somewhere and you estimate that you’ll be there in an hour. Not to mention once you’re on the road you are in the road rage capital of the world. Stop driving like a crazy person! And another thing – if you honk at me 1 second after the light changes I will be forced to drive in the middle of both lanes at 10 mph just to piss you off.

The train traffic. What the hell is that?! The MTA controls the schedule. There’s the same number of trains everyday. How could there possibly be traffic and if theres traffic everyday (which there is) why don’t they have less trains??? I can write a whole blog post on this mystery.

The commute. Why are all the good jobs and nightlife in Manhattan? Don’t you people realize that there are 4 other boroughs in New York City? And most of them have parking available so you don’t have to spend your days on the subway? Let’s spread the wealth!

Okay okay, I promise to write a “Why I Love NYC” blog soon but right now I feel like being a negative Nancy :-P.

Are you loving this city? Let me know below!


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