NYC Summers. Yuck.

I live for summers. I love the beach, the vacations, the rooftop drinking events. But I despise New York City in the summertime. Specifically these three specific things:

1. The Smell – The streets smell the garbage and the subway smells like piss. People hold on to the subway rails and they reek of B.O. and sweat. Nothing and I mean nothing smells good in the city in the summertime.

2. The Heat – Waiting for the subway in the summertime is suffocating. It makes me wish I could walk to Brooklyn from work everyday. When are they going to install central air into the stations?! It’d just make everyone’s lives so much easier.

3. The AC – While there is nothing more refreshing than walking past a store in NYC and feel the AC blaring onto you for a split second, there is nothing grosser than feeling those trickles of water falling over you from the ACs of offices above. I swear those little droplets of water are contaminating me with some strange disease.

Do you love summer in the city? Or are you like me and hate it? Comment below!


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