My Kids Will Have a Horrible Childhood

As I sit and type this blog, I have my iPhone sitting in my lap and my browser open with 8 tabs all consisting of social media. I can’t help but reflect back to my childhood days before the Internets was a real thing. Or just some rumor floating about that I couldn’t understand. Life was simple back then and it was those simple things that I enjoyed and those moments that I will never forget. Kids these days, or even worse, MY kids 10 years from now, will never be able to experience these joys.

Top 10 Joyous Moments My Kids Will Never Experience
  1. After a 2 hours wait on line for a new boy band CD release, running home and playing it for the first time on a boombox.
  2. Falling in “love” for the first time and making their “boyfriend” a mix tape off songs from the radio.
  3. Suddenly not having to stand a foot away from the phone connected to a wire to the wall aka experiencing the cordless phone for the first time!
  4. Writing in a journal, by HAND!
  5. Seeing how their pictures from a month ago came out from their disposable camera.
  6. Completing the Oregon Trail for the first time.
  7. Finding out which musical guest star will be on All That.
  8. Beating all their friends in Mario Kart.
  9. Feeling accomplished for not breaking their Skip-It a week after they bought it.
  10. Unwrapping Barbie’s Dream House for Christmas.

What do you wish your children would be able to experience, but wont because of today’s technology?

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