Boost Your Confidence With ‘Maury’

This post is written by guest blogger Nicole Denkberg.

Everybody has those moments where they find themselves gazing upon something so horrible that they become entranced. Not only are they unable to look away, but they keep coming back for more. This is me with Maury.
I can admit that Maury is a horrible show. The show seems to mainly rotate upon two story lines. The most popular theme is that of paternity tests. Popular headlines may include “Is my 17 year old husband sleeping with my daughter?” or “Which one of my boyfriend’s cousins is my baby’s father?” Regardless of the answer to the paternity test, it is a guarantee that somebody is going to run off the stage crying and cursing. 
The second story line is lie detector testing. These gems reveal the craziest, most sordid sexual relationships you could possibly imagine. Most of the issues and concerns that people come to the show with barely seem legal (or at least they shouldn’t be).
With all this in mind, it may be hard for you to imagine what I find so appealing about this show. The clear answer is, confidence boosting. It is impossible to feel bad about my own short comings when I gaze upon Maury’s guests, who clearly have issues much greater than my own. These issues have nothing to do with paternity testing, or whether or not their spouse is cheating on them, but rather the fact that they are clearly lacking in basic intelligence and common sense. Regardless of whether or not you believe that Mauryis real, as opposed to scripted, it is hard to deny the fact that these people are a few steps down in the evolutionary chain.
So take my advice next time you’re feeling down in the dumps. Leave the ice cream and chocolate alone, and instead reach for your remote and find the Maury show. I promise that by the time the show is over you will be crying tears of joy that you were born with a brain, and that things are capable of getting better for you. If for some reason you need to up your dosage of insanity, then my next recommendation would be to watch The JerrySpringer Show. However, I only recommend that for the most severe cases, since it will inevitable lower your own IQ just from watching it.
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