Dawson’s Creek Disappointment

As a child I was forbidden to watch Dawson’s Creek. As a 9 year old, this was pretty much one of the most traumatic things I went through because ALL my friends at school watched and I was totally left out of all conversations. A few weeks ago I was informed Dawson’s Creek would be on Netflix instant play. I just had to watch the entire series. I mean, come on, I owed it to 9 year old Shari to do so.

In the past month I have blasted through the first 2 seasons and just started season 3. I have some complaints. No, I have a lot of complaints. This show has not met my expectations. Here is a list of 6 things that urk me about Dawson’s Creek (so far).

  1. I was shocked when I watched the first episode that song that goes “doo doo doo doo” (I know, so specific) wasn’t what was playing. Instead, this really awful song played during the opening credits. I figured they switched it up mid-series. Nope. I asked my best friend (the one who talked about it when we were 9, who ironically is still my closest friend) and she informed me that the song was made just for DVDs and it only airs on the LAST episode. Buzzkill.
  2. Dawson is lame. I mean I know he’s supposed to be 15 but he has 0 interest in having sex. More than one chick has wanted his piece and he has turned them all down. MAN UP. Get it going. I thought everyone had sex with everyone. Guess not…or not yet?
  3. Joey is an attractive girl and they make her look like shit. I just want her to come into her own and realize how pretty she is…and maybe stop using big words that I NEVER would have used when I was her age. So unrealistic.
  4. I love Jen. I love that she’s a hot mess. But (spoiler alert) once Abby dies, she legit goes insane for like an episode and then is magically okay again? I wanted to see her spiral a little more out of control. #justsaying.
  5. Jack is gay but doesn’t date guys. It’s great that a 90s TV show even had a gay guy on but I mean now he’s on the football team and hasn’t even LOOKED at another guy. Worst gay ever.
  6. Joey’s sister’s boyfriend/baby daddy is MIA after the first 3 episodes. I don’t even remember his name, but he was there and now suddenly not so much. Where’d he go? Who takes care of the kid while Joey is in school and her sister is working? 

I know I’m bitching a lot right now, but lets be real I got through 2 seasons in a month and there’s no stopping me now, I MUST see how it all pans out.

Did you watch Dawson’s Creek? Will the rest of the series be better? Comment below!

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