The Downward Spiral of Smash and 2 Broke Girls

It is always exciting when you start a brand new show and it turns out to be really awesome. When your Tivo is as packed as mine, you have to pick and choose your new shows wisely. This year I added a few new shows including 2 Broke Girls, Smash, New Girl, and Once Upon A Time. New Girl and Once Upon A Time have since earned permanent spots on my Tivo. However, the other 2 shows started off strong but then kind of went downhill…

2 Broke Girls stars a one of my favorite stars (Kat Dennings) and had a really funny concept. I loved the dynamic between the girls and the ridiculous cast of characters at the diner. I even loved the romantic roller coaster between Max and Johnny. But then all the sudden the season started to… suck. It started with Jennifer Coolidge as the weird upstairs neighbor. Then they just decided to stop driving the plot. Nothing was really accomplished the season finale was far from climactic. I haven’t given up completely, but next season better rock.

Smash was supposed to be the Glee for adults. I figured, I like Glee. I’m an “adult.” I’ll probably like this show. And at first, I really did! After the season premiere I was hooked! I love the original music, the story, the everything. But then all the sudden, the show started trying to hard. They started to add forced songs (I hate when they sing in their head or in music video style) such as conveniently going to karaoke or something. The Ivy/Karen rivalry got tiresome. Uma Thurman was boring and not very talented. The season ended with a bang which I appreciated but Season 2 has a lot of work to do.

Once I start a show and get invested, I almsot always stick with it through the end. I really hope these shows get better since I am in it for the long haul. Let’s cross our fingers for a better Season 2!

What do you think of these shows? Winners or not so much? Share in the comments!

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