‘One Day’ The Movie Versus ‘One Day’ The Book

I’m about to state the obvious; the book was better than the film. But isn’t it always? This was pretty bad though. I really enjoyed the book and watching a relationship grow and change over 20 years. In the movie I felt rushed, anxious, and often confused. The story is about two people who have been in and out of each other’s lives for the past 20 years. Every chapter records the same day of the next year. What a difference 20 years makes! I’ll break down both for you and let you decide. Spoilers below!

The Book
As like any life, people make mistakes, do things that annoy you, etc. As you watch Dex and Emma throughout the years you are just waiting until they get together, and stay together. Sometimes they are best friends, other times they are not speaking, they date other people, live in different cities, etc. but all you really want is to see them get together. It was quite a journey getting there but they finally do. Dex has had a rough life with fame, drugs, isolation, divorce, etc. He annoys you but you want him to be happy. Emma has lived a life of loneliness, unemployment, crazy exes, and more. Even though Dex is annoying, he makes her happy so you want them to end up together. AND THEN SHE DIES. WHAT THE HELL. How completely unnecessary. Emma was finally happy and then she can’t even live to enjoy it. Dex is so messed up in the head that he will never recover. It is ridiculous. I was a tad unhappy…

The Movie
So then I saw the movie. Casted to perfection, Anne Hathaway IS Emma and Jim Sturgess IS Dex. I was happy about that. And I had high hopes. Boy was I disappointed. I get that it’s a movie and there really isn’t time to go through every year but they skipped around a lot. The movie was very rushed and I thought they chose weid years to focus on. Because the gaps in the years were so large, it was confusing to watch if you hadn’t read the book. Last year they were best friends and three years later they don’t speak and one of them has a kid. It’s hard to keep up. Sadly, the movie was also kind of boring. I wasn’t really drawn to either of their stories and I didn’t connect with either. In general, this was not my favorite book adaptation. In fact, just read the book and skip the film this time.

Have you read/seen One Day? What did you think? Share below!

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