Hermione Granger Is Smarter Than You

Duh. The sky is blue. Everybody poops. Hermione Granger is smarter than you. These are all common facts of life… you would think. As I re-read the Harry Potter books (again) it annoys me how often people don’t listen to her. Everyone gets mad at Hermione so often and of course she takes the high road. Maybe it’s because she knows she’s right or maybe it’s because her besties (Ron and Harry) and the world’s most stubborn people. Who knows! All I know is that she is right, and you are wrong.

Times When Hermione Is Right
The half blood prince is dangerous.
Sirius sent Harry the firebolt.
Harry’s dad did not save them from Dementors.
The beast in the Chamber of Secrets is a basilisk.
Every time she raised her hand in class.
Wingardium LeviOsa, not LevioSA.
Study occlumency so Sirius doesn’t die.
Horcruxes, not Hallows.
Crookshanks didn’t kill Scabbers.
She didn’t abandon Harry in the woods.
Saving Buckbeak and Sirius with the time turner.

Times When Hermione Is Wrong
When she thought the Deathly Hallows was fake.

Can you add to this list? It’s not hard! Share more below.

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