Comics Come Out Of The Closet!

Let me just start out by saying that I love the “Glee” mentality – aka representing all different types of people no matter size, color, sexuality, etc. As the world becomes more accepting, media is evolving and most recently I have noticed the evolution of Comic Books. Not one, but two comics are launching gay superheroes. First, Marvel announced that Northstar will be marrying his boyfriend. Now DC has announced that Green Lantern is coming out.

I think it is a little annoying that both comic book giants are coming out with gay characters all at once. It seems like every since President Obama stated that he was in favor of same-sex marriage, it become a “fad” to hop on the bandwagon. I guess I should complain less about why it is happening and just be happy that it is! Check out the previews below!




I should also mention that Marvel and DC, while they are the biggest names in comics, they are not the first to present gay characters. Even Archie attending a gay wedding and the comic sold like hot cakes!



What do you think of the newest movement in comic books? Let me know below!

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