TV Review: Dance Moms Season Premiere!

I remember when I was younger and I made fun of my mother for watching Lifetime movies. Now it turns out that one of my new favorite shows is on Lifetime, Dance Moms. Maybe I’m a hypocrite or maybe there just comes an age where women can appreciate the Lifetime channel. Regardless, this show ROCKS. Basically it follows this crazy woman’s, Abby, dance studio. She teaches kids aged 8-14ish and their moms get to watch in the waiting room. Sounds boring right?! NOT.

Last night was the season premiere of Dance Moms and I was not disappointed. When we last saw them, as Maddie (Abby’s favorite) forgot her dance at competition and ran off stage. Instead of scream at her like Abby would the other girls, she cried. The moms pounced and Abby left them alone. We start off this season a week later. Abby doesn’t acknowledge it at all and continues to begin abusing the children. Here are the highlights:
What the heck happened to this little girl? Not even a teenager and having panic attacks like she’s about the take the BAR exam. Seriously, everything freaks this girl out. She is constantly crying and scared that Abby will be mad at her. She needs therapy.
The Kids
I really like all the other little girls. They just want to dance. It’s not their fault that their mother’s are crazy and their dance teacher is even worse. Mackenzie is the cutest little kid. Although her dance choreographer is wildly inappropriate she still looks adorable. Chloe is becoming just as paranoid as Maddie but luckily her mom keeps her slightly grounded.
The Moms
It’s almost too much with the yelling, screaming, etc. If this weren’t a television show there would be no reason for them to go to this studio. If you hate the teacher so much, why do you stay?! The only thing I will say is that I actually agreed with them when they said the choreography was stale… it kind of was!
Pardon my french but this bitch is cray. Like she is actually a crazy person. She so clearly favors Maddie it is insulting to the other kids. She is mean and is giving all this kids psychological problems, eat disorders, tendentious, and who knows what else. If I were these mothers I would take my kids and run as far away from her as possible.
This should be an interesting season. I smell a mutiny coming on. Maybe they will all become Candy Apples (gag)! 
Did you watch Dance Moms? What did you think?!
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