What The Heck Shonda Rhimes?!

If you were tuning in to the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy, maybe you can help me out. What the fudge just happened?!? Here is what I gathered. We used to watch a doctor show that could be classified as a dramedy. Then we learned that Seattle Grace was THE unluckiest hospital in the whole world (cue the bombs inside people’s bodies, shooters in the hospital, and doctor’s being run down by buses). Now we find that Grey’s isn’t Grey’s at all, but has now turned into Lost! Don’t read beyond if you havent’ seen it! Spoiler Alerts!

Why a plane crash? Why are we killing off doctors? By the way, Lexie’s dead. Mark is about to be dead. In fact, if any of these doctors survive, this show would not make sense. With the supposed injuries these guys have, it would be impossible for them to be saved.

Another mystery is how they are planning a ninth season. There is one major character dead and six that are leaving the hospital. How are they going to make it so six people coincidentally want to stay in Seattle? And how will Derek do surgery with no hand?!? This is highly unlikely and just goes to show how ridiculous this has all become!

Season seven was really awful and up until now I was pretty happy with season eight. I’m just not sure where they were going with this… I’m extremely confused.

What did you think of the finale of Grey’s? Share below!

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