Cougar Town Is Back And We Were Not Disappointed!

All I wanted was to see the gang back together drinking wine and being ridiculous. I was not disappointed. The season opened with a bang and I feel like they never left. Every episode since then has been hilarious. They even introduced some new characters and I have welcomed them with open arms. Here is a recap on Cougar Town for those of you who don’t want it yet.

Basically, the show started out with Jules (Cox) as a 40 something divorcee who dated young men. Fast forward about 6 episodes and the whole tone of the show changed. Now it is about a group of neighbors who have this weird but awesome friendship/family. Jules is an overbearing control freak. Her BFF Ellie hates people. Her boyfriend is hot and sings songs. Her ex husband doesn’t speak English. BASICALLY this show is awesome.

Here is my plea… I’m pretty sure I’m the only person who watches this show. I don’t know what I would do if it got cancelled. Please, give it a chance and tune it! For those of you who were fans of Scrubs maybe this clip will entice you…

Yea… apparently there are a lot of similar characters?
Do you watch Cougar Town? WHY NOT?! Let me know below!
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