5 Movies That Are Terribly Easy To Ruin!

Some of the best movies have an incredibly surprising ending that changes everything! These are the kinds of ground breaking plot changes that take a movie from being good to GREAT. However, the problem is, that some movies are really easy to ruin. If you don’t want spoilers then don’t keep reading this blog because I am about to ruin a bunch of movies for you with one sentence!

1. A Beautiful Mind. All his friends are fake! They are in his imagination. They are not real. They are in his beautiful mind… get it?!

2. The Sixth Sense. Bruce Willis is dead. Yup! That’s why the only character who speaks to him is the kid who sees dead people.

3. Fight Club. Ed Norton IS Brad Pitt. Same guy! Tyler Durden isn’t real and Ed Norton is really doing all the horrible things (and sleeping with Helena Bonham Carter).

4. Star Wars. Darth Vader is Luke’s father. Go figure! Princess Leia is also his sister. It’s a family affair.

5. 300. 299 of the 300 soldiers die. In case you needed more clarification, they didn’t win the war.

There are many more movies with easy endings to spoil. In fact, I found a t-shirt that does exactly what I did above, ruin movies! I bought one and you should too.


You can buy one here.

What other movies are easy to ruin? Share below!

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