Things You Can’t Do When You Have Tivo

One of the greatest inventions of all the land is TIVO. Seriously. Before Tivo we had to set the VCR to record our shows every week and then hope we didn’t tape over something. And forget it if you had 2 shows on at the same time. I legitimately skipped out on seeing a concert because I had no way of taping Survivor if I went. Those we dark times…

Now all is right with the world and we can record full series with the click of a button and watch our shows whenever we feel like. But with all the good, there is some bad. There are just some things you can’t do if you have Tivo. Your life has to change and sometimes it isn’t always for the better.

1. Use Social Media Freely 
Live tweeting during televisions shows is a huge phenomenon. Most shows place a hashtag at the bottom the screen just for that purpose. Although it is great to chat with your friends about the show, it is BAD for the Tivo user. Be careful about using social media when you favorite shows are on. You are bound to spoil something!

2. Channel Surf 
Back in my pre-Tivo days when the world revolved around television, I spent a lot of time channel surfing. Now, every time I watch television there is a specific goal in mind – I have to catch up on all my shows! Since you are always catching up on the shows you missed, you spend much less time watching Pawn Stars, E! News, and Sabrina the Teenage Witch (the not-so Tivo worthy shows).

3. Sharing
I used to be so nice about the television. If someone else was in the room with me, I would try my best to put on something everyone would enjoy. Now, I just don’t have time for that! When you get the chance to sit down and spend some QT with the TV you can’t go around accommodating others. You have a mission and it cannot be interrupted. Sorry!

I can’t say Tivo has answered all my prayers, but the good most definitely outweighs the good.

How has Tivo changed your life (for better or worse)? Share below!

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