12 Most Hilarious Parody Accounts on Twitter

While Twitter is a great resource for following brands, though leaders, and celebrities, it is also a great place to get a laugh. Since the network was born, parody accounts on Twitter have been wildly popular and extremely entertaining. For those of you who don’t have enough funny in your Twitter feed, here are the 12 most hilarious parody accounts on Twitter.

1. @Lord_Voldemort7
Any Harry Potter fan can appreciate the hilarity of this account. If Lord Voldemort was evil at Hogwarts, imagine him giving commentary on current pop culture. He is a must follow.

2. @BronxZoosCobra
Remember when the Bronx Zoo had a missing cobra? Well, not the snake that tried to escape the zoo has his own Twitter account. While the snake was missing, this fictional account tweeted the tourist hot spots the snake was visiting. Now it tweets about planning its escape!

3. @Queen_UK
If you are used to seed the Queen of England act prim and proper, this account will throw you for a loop. This parody account imagines what the Queen would be like if she loosened up a bit.

4. @oldmansearch
The claim is that an elderly man was told that Twitter was actually Google so all the tweets are attempted searches of this man. Is this legitimate? Probably not. I assume he would catch on eventually when no search results showed up. But is it funny? Yes!

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