It’s My Birthday And I’ll Pin If I Want To!

That’s right folks… it is my birthday! I happen to love birthdays (not just my own) and pretty much any reason to celebrate! Considering my obsession with Pinterest and the fact that Pinterest allows you to pin for the party you’ll never have (and can never afford) I decided to describe my dream birthday party in pins for all of you. Maybe you can use some of these party ideas IRL.

You are cordially invited to my awesome birthday party… Harry Potter style!


Every good party should have good party games. In my opinion, Battle Shots is wildly appropriate.


Babies of the 80’s should have treats that reflect that. My guests can enjoy 80’s themed cupcakes.


At my fictional birthday party, it is warm in mid-March! And that is why we will be playing lawn twister.


No party is complete without a gorgeous Disney-inspired cake!


Thanks for attending my Pinterest-inspired, utterly disjointed, fictional birthday bash!


That was fun! What would you have at your dream party? Let me know!

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