The Hunger Games Themed Bat Mitzvah

Hi Dawn. Let’s be best friends! While I don’t know you, I did stalk your bat-mitzvah photos on the Internet and I fell in love. While searching for fun things to pin, I stumbled across cool bat mitzvah themed parties. Back in the day, I had a candy themed party and it was AWESOME. However, if I could do it all over again, I may have copied Dawn’s idea.

Dawn (this girl from the Internet I never met) had a Hunger Games themed party complete with a firey DJ booth, care packages falling from sky with bread and spiles, and girl on fire center pieces. Some pics are below but to see the full story click here.

Mitzvah-Inspire-The-Hunger-Games-chandelier-e1331295000895 bar_hungergames_2013_new-york-bar-mitzvah02_sl Mitzvah-Inspire-Hunger-Games-flying-food
Are you jealous of Dawn and headed to Party City right now to get your own stuff? I know I am! Share your party ideas below!
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