5 Things Pinterest Is Like

It has only been about a week since I joined Pinterest and this is already my second blog about it… yes I am obsessed. Every female social media nerd I know is really into this network. I thought to myself, ‘Why are all these women into Pinterest? What is it about the network that really gets us excited?!’ After mulling this over with  co-worker, I decided that girls like Pinterest because it is like so many other fun things we enjoy:

Yes gentleman… Women like to cut up magazine with pretty words, pictures, colors, etc. and paste these pictures onto a shoe box or a poster board or a card. Making collages are fun and it is a cute way to express yourself. Too bad that after you’re done, you have no idea what to do with what you just made.

Decorating Your Locker
Back in those high school and middle school days, everyone wanted to decorate their locker. Granted, your locker would only be seen by you or the person immediately next to you and it would only be seen for a few seconds every day, but still. We loved it.

Back when Facebook had tabs for personal profiles, people would add boards of flair to their page. You could essentially pick a bunch of pins that speak to who you are and then add them to your board. I loved flair, and seeing that Pinterest and flair are pretty much the same, it makes sense that I love Pinterest.

Bumper Stickers
Another Facebook favorite, bumper stickers! Send your friends fun pictures and random sayings to display on their page. Yup, also another variation of Pinterest. And we love it.

Although I am not a Tumblr user, I have heard time and time again that Pinterest is just like it. I guess you post pictures you like, and people can re-post them, comment, etc. Sounds like Pinterest to me but I like my network better.

Are you into Pinterest? What do you like about it? Let me know!

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