Grey’s Gets Its Groove Back

For those of you who are seasoned #25hours readers, you may remember the scathing blog I wrote about the downfall of Grey’s Anatomy. Seeing as I have invested so much time watching seven seasons already, I decided to tune into season eight even though I was angry at them. I have to admit, I am happy I did! This season has yet to disappoint me. Once you get past the fact that this is one of the unluckiest hospitals in the world, you can appreciate the drama (even when it gets a little ridiculous).

So far this season has not been disappointing. I love the Bailey plotline and how they are finally making her happy again. I also thought that we were finally done with Meredith and Derek being on the rocks but this time when they fought, I was actually surprised! I was very relieved when they smoothed things over and even more happy when they got back their baby.

The best part of this season is Yang. She is back and better than ever! And she has a soul which is nice to see from her. Not so much drama coming from her marriage, from Avery, or Arizona and Cali but that’s ok- we can only handle so many storylines at once!

What do you think of this season of Grey’s Anatomy so far? Let me know!

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