12 Most Creative Ways to Get A Job with Social Media

When people think of social media in the workplace, it is normally something you stay away from. If anything, being on Facebook and Twitter at work is associated with losing your job. But what if I told you that you can actually use social media to find a job?

Here are 12 most creative ways to use social media when looking for a job:

1. Twitter chats
One of the more modern ways to scout potential employees, companies are turning to Twitter chats to find engaging, knowledgeable candidates. Try hashtags like #jobhuntchat to join in on the fun.

2. Facebook ads
Facebook targeting allows you to get very specific. You can target by company, job title, city, and more. Whether you target an ad to your dream company’s HR department or to a person thanking them for an interview, it is a great (and inexpensive) way to get noticed.

3. Video resume
Who needs a paper resume when we have YouTube? Create a concise, professional video and really show your future employer your personality.

4. Twitter search
Twitter has a pretty advanced search tool if you go to search.twitter.com. Search terms like “internship,” “need job,” etc. and you will find tons of employers tweeting job postings.

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