Have You Changed Your Social Media Passwords Lately?

Originally posted on Likeable Media’s blog.

Twitter is releasing brand pages and Google+ finally announced the multiple admin feature for their pages. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages are normally not run by one person, but by multiple. While this is convenient for brand management, it proposes other problems such as security breaches. With spammers increasing on social media and the ease of posting, your brand could be in danger. Here are some tips for keeping your pages safe and avoiding security breaches.

Change your password once a month. It is important to refresh your password for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Not only that, but your Facebook and Google+ are likely connected to your personal email address which means that password should be changed to. Although it is unlikely that people are trying to break into your social networks, it is not impossible and we have seen it done before. Protect the pages you admin by protecting your personal pages. This should be done by all the people who post on behalf of your brand.

Consistently check who has access to your page. More often than not, multiple people manage a brand page. Because of this, people are constantly given access. Make sure that only the people who need to have access do. The more people will access, the more likely a security breach will occur. Remove the people who aren’t necessary to the brand pages success and question any unfamiliar name. If you don’t know a person who has access to your brand, you should delete them immediately and investigate how access what obtained.

Move swiftly in removing people who do need access to your brand. This one is very important; whether someone has left your company, an agency is no longer working with your brand, or a person was given temporary access. Immediately after a person no longer needs to be an admin of your page, they should be removed. The longer the delay, the higher the likelihood of some sort of social media catastrophe. These precautions may seem obvious or tedious but there have been too many social media mistakes made because of spammers, hackers, and carelessness. Take care of your pages and protect your brand!

Do you take precautions to protection your social media pages? What things do you do? Share in the comments!   

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