The Things You Will Do For A Free T-Shirt

I am of the philosophy that people will do ANYTHING for a free t-shirt… and I mean anything. I don’t know what it is, but something about a free t-shirt makes people go crazy!!! I’ve done things I’m not proud of with the hopes of getting that coveted free tee. The funny part is, you likely won’t wear this t-shirt ever again. Most of the time the shirt is ugly, too big, and washes funny. There is still pride in getting it though!  I’ve done some pretty silly things myself…

I am a member of 20-something bloggers and I found out that they had an app that you could win a free t-shirt from. This was big news to me so I immediately downloaded the app to see what I had to do. Turns out, it was a game (sort of like FarmVille but on an island) and the person with the most points each week could win. Chances of me winning were slim to none but I still played for months. Eventually, I gave up and I feel somewhat like a failure since I am t-shirt less.

Foursquare had an initiative to recruit university representatives. This was to try and get more college kids to use the app. I thought this would be cool and since I am still in school I decided to look into it. I looked through the application and saw at the bottom the words “T-shirt size.”I thought, does this gig get you a free t-shirt?! If so, I’m in! So I applied and actually got it! I became a foursquare rep for St. John’s University and completed numerous tasks that foursquare requested. After all my hard work, no free t-shirt ever came in the mail for me. I felt duped.

Besides these incidents, I have just outright lied. If I see a table that is giving away t-shirts I will go over, act completely interested in what they are saying, and tell them whatever they want to hear to land myself a t-shirt. At a conference, a co-worker and I scanned through the exhibitor hall looking for those who were giving out tees. Some caught on to our ploy but overall, we left with a handful of shirts and big smiles on our faces.

What have you done for a free tee?

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