3 Reasons Why Netflix Is Such An Unlikeable Company

News about the Netflix price rise is long gone. But I hold grudges. I was the biggest brand advocate for Netflix. I shipped back DVDs within 2 days of receiving them, I used the watch instantly on my Wii, and I even used “netflix” as a verb to watch movies. But then they do me dirty. I cancelled my subscription faster than you can say “Reed Hastings” and I am never going back! Here’s why:

1. Price Hikes. You are really going to DOUBLE your prices?! I was able to get DVDs in the mail and watch instantly for $9.99 a month and now if I want the same service is costs $16.99 a month! No way jose.

2. Inconvenience Customers. Let’s say you go along with this crazy idea and pay the ridiculous price. Netflix was actually planning on having 2 different websites for streaming and DVDs making it completely inconvenient for YOU. They have since retracted this idea. I don’t care. I’m still mad about it.

3. Fake Ass Apology. The day AFTER the price hikes went into effect, Netflix sent an “apology” to anyone who kept the service. This makes me mad because not only did they only want to apologize to me because they had my money, but also because the apology was BS. They didn’t accomodate the customer at all. Just said “Sorry! Sucks to be you!” It was then (and only then) that I canceled my service. Until then I was planning on keeping at least the DVDs. Not anymore!

Was this a rant? Maybe. But will this deter others from using crooks like Netflix?! I can only hope. If you need movies, get Amazon Prime, use Blockbuster, or have your hacker friend download them for you the old fashioned way.

Are you mad at Netflix? Did you cancel? Let me know!

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