Dark, Sexy, And Mysterious: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

FINALLY! The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is out in theatres! I must say, it was worth the wait! David Fincher directed a dark, twisted film that kept your interest the entire time (unlike the book). Whenever someone is reading the book I always tell them “Just get to 52% and everything starts to pick up!” Luckily, that wasn’t the case with the movie. Here are some of the highlights:

From the moment the credits began, you were captivated by stunning visuals. Normally the begin of the movie when you have to read through everyone’s names you are bored. Not this time. Fincher somehow gave you a preview of the whole film and what’s to come through cool moving art. You knew then, that you were in for a good movie.

Rooney Mara was amazing. The last time we saw her she was dumping Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network. Since then, she has completely transformed herself into Lisbeth Salander. Everything from the clothes, to the attitude, to the accent was just absolutely perfect.

As the old saying goes, sex sells. In this movie, there is plenty of sex to satisfy movie goers. The rape scene, the retaliation, and the relationship between Blomvkist and Salander were so real. It was graphic enough to get the point across without actually making you sick.

Casting overall was really well done. Daniel Craig was very convincing and the chemistry he had with Robin Wright was great on screen. And as I said earlier, Rooney Mara was amazing.

My main critiscim of the movie was the pace. The book is pretty long and take a while to explain things to you. The movie was fast paced and if you haven’t read the book, it might be hard to understand. Some things were lost with moviegoers that readers picked up on. One example being the role of Lisbeth’s guardian. People who haven’t read the book were probably wondering, “who’s the guy with a stoke?” whereas people who read the book understand the large role “the guy with the stroke” plays in Lisbeth’s life.

Overall, I reccommend seeing this movie. Read the book first if you can, but if not I would tell you to see the movie anyway!

Have you seen the movie yet? What did you think?

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