Dexter Season Finale : Have They Jumped The Shark?

A few days ago was the Dexter season finale. With two more seasons left in the series, it looks like they are leaving some loose ends. Normally, all your questions are answered by the end of the season but this year we are still left with some questions. If you haven’t watch it yet, beware there are spoliers!

What is going on with Deb? I think it is a bit extreme that she is in love with her brother…. ew? It’s also weird that the actors were married in real life, now they are divorced, and only now are they required to kiss on screen. She needs to get it together because it is really weird.

It was somewhat predictable that Deb would walk in on Dexter doing a kill. Frankly, Dexter has become a bit reckless with his kills. He doesn’t plan like he used to and sometimes just kills people for sport. Deb was bound to find out about Dexter’s habit eventually. I am excited to see how she handles it. Likely she will mentally unravel (since she is halfway there anyway!).

So what is up with this intern? He is obsessed with murderers, the ice truck killer, and Dexter? Is he our next villain? I think his storyline is coming up next…

Another thing without a complete storyline was Quinn. He was pretty much a mess this whole season but we don’t really know what happens to him. I guess we will have to wait until next season to see if he has pulled himself together or not.

Overall I think Dexter is losing some of it’s original flare. Dexter used to be so meticulous with his kills. So carefully researched and planned. Now he just kills random immigrants and strangles people on the beach without any thinking. I think he needs to get back to his old ways and start following the rules again. And Deb… needs to get her head back on. Seriously.

What did you think of this season of Dexter? Will you watch the next? Share your thoughts below.

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