Moneyball: Good Movie? Yes. Based On Truth? NO.

Moneyball starring Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill was overall a very entertaining film. While it was a little long and slow in parts, overall it was a feel-good movie that highlights the underdogs. One of the things that makes good movies even better are when they are based on a true story. For example, after seeing The Help, all I could think of was, “Wow that was good! If only it was a true story!” Luckily for movie-goers, this movie was based a true story… or so they say.

I hate hate hate movies that say they are based on truth but run far from the truth. Seriously. When you have stretched the truth so far that it is unrecognizable, it is not the truth anymore! Here are some of the things that really bothered me. WARNING: Spoilers ahead!

1. The Song. How cute was that little girl singing that song to her dad? The song she wrote? Back in the 1990’s? Well. Unfortunately, the song they are referring to is sung by an artist names Lenka and the song came out in the 2000’s. Thanks for stealing the song in the wrong decade.

2. Jonah Hill. What a great guy! He came and saved the day! Right? RIGHT?! Wrong. This person doesn’t even exist. He is more a combination of a bunch of people.

3. The players. All these underdog players that they grabbed for this season was so smart! Except that some of them were already on the team. Jeremy Giambi for example, was on the A’s already!

4. Not mentioning players. As much as you would like to believe that these terrible players got so far based on statistics, it was sadly not the case. There were a bunch of really incredible all-star players on the team at the time that were left out of the movie.

5. Turning down millions. Sadly, this one is actually true. He turned down a $12 million deal to work with the Red Sox. Guess what buddy. They won the World Series and your team still hasn’t!

I love a good movie, but don’t say it’s true when it isn’t!

What did you think of Moneyball? Do you care that they stretched the truth or is it just me? Let me know!

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