6 Movies Scenes That Will Make You Cry Every Time

Sometimes you need a good cry and one of the quickest ways to do that is by watching a really sad movie. I created this list after crying like a baby in front of my television the other day. Yes I know it is fictional (and sometimes even animated) but I still can’t control myself. To make the cut on this list the movie scene has to make you cry every time, no matter what point you started tuning in to the movie, and the movie can’t be completely depressing. Good movies make you laugh, cry, get emotional etc. I can’t stand the movies that make you cry from beginning to end. What a downer! (For example: Don’t see I Am Sam or Blood Diamond! What seriously depressing films.)

1. Toy Story 3– The Furnace.

If you watched this scene and didn’t start hysterically crying as you watched your best toy friends hold hands to their death, then you have on soul.

2. A Walk to Remember– Wedding Scene.

These are happy tears people! Watching a terminal girl fulfill her dream of getting married to the bad boy turned saint is heart wrenching. Watch the full wedding here.

3. The Notebook– She remembers.

OK so clearly it is a Nicholas Sparks thing, but I can’t NOT mention The Notebook when it comes to movies that make you cry. I could argue that the scene right before this when Allie remembers and then quickly forgets may actually be sadder but I think dying in each other’s arm is pretty much up there as well.

4. Up– Carl and Ellie Montage.

Yes, we are going back to Pixar but those guys know their stuff! What other movie has you sobbing in the first 10 minutes even before you have really met the characters?! Here is just a small part of the full montage but I bet you might still tear up.

5. Pursuit of Happyness– He gets the job!

Holy crap. I started crying just searching for this YouTube video! The only thing that makes this scene better is knowing that it is based off a true story.

6. Hard Ball– G-baby Dies.

You just never saw it coming. My dad will deny to anyone who asks that he has never cried during this movie, but I think we all know that he really cried like a baby! I honestly don’t have the heart to put a scene where G-baby gets shot so instead you can click here to see him in one of his finer moments.

Did this blog post make you cry… 6 times? Let me know what scenes I’m missing!

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